CHROME GuidedSMILE™ University
for Labs

CHROME University course will give you the knowledge required to enable you to sell CHROME GuidedSMILE from your lab to doctors across the country. Information entered below will be used to create your lab dashboard after the classes are completed.

Complete the process described below and the lab will become CHROME certified. Certified labs are eligible for several benefits including free CHROME education courses for their employees and free CE courses for Doctors working with the lab. CHROME Certified labs also receive:

  • Special pricing commiserate with the capabilities of the lab
  • Free marketing materials
  • Free educational videos
  • Lead generation and sales management tools
  • Technical literature
  • Educational seminars
  • Custom printed educational material (add fee)
  • and much more!
CHROME University

Stage 1 – Complete the form below to initiate a conversation with a CHROME representative. This conversation will cover your lab’s history with full arch surgeries and ability to support customers chairside.

Stage 2 – Complete the registration (link will be sent) and pay the $5000 to have access to CHROME University. All CHROME labs need at least one certified CHROME professional. Once a CHROME lab has paid the registration fee any number of staff members can go through the CHROME education process with no additional fee.

Stage 3: A CHROME chairside professional must attend the first CHROME surgery for oversight.

Once completing all 3 stages a lab is now CHROME-certified

Courses in the CHROME University class for labs include:

  • CHROME Componentry
  • CHROME Patient Records
  • Day of Surgery CHROME box
  • Finishing a Standard CHROME Case
  • Finishing a CHROME Natural Case
  • Carving and Coloring a CHROME Case
  • Standard Prosthesis Conversion
  • C2F – Small Hole Technology
  • Smileloc Conversion Process

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