CHROME 2021 National Advertising Campaign

CHROME Guided Systems is planning a 2021 National Advertising Campaign and we want YOU!

In 2021 CHROME Guided Systems will be launching their first national advertising campaign in conjunction with participating CHROME labs.

The goals of this campaign are twofold:

  • Increase awareness of CHROME GuidedSMILE within the dental community
  • Generate new doctor leads for campaign participating CHROME labs

What is a participating CHROME lab?

  • A participating lab is a lab from the CHROME Network who has financially contributed to the national campaign.
  • Participation is for the full year.
  • Participating labs will be asked to contribute $500 per month ($6,000 for the complete year).
  • Bulk media spot purchases result in the greatest cost reductions therefore the $6,000 will be requested in one payment.
  • CHROME Guided Systems will be contributing $18,000 to the national campaign. This is in addition to all:
    • Marketing Research
    • Design and photography services
    • Analytic reporting
    • Ongoing campaign optimization
  • Example of media budget contribution:
    • 10 participating CHROME labs @ $6,000 each = $60,000
    • CHROME Guided Systems = $18,000
    • Complete media spend for 2021 = $78,000

How will the campaign work?

  • CHROME Guided Systems will design and create online and print advertisements targeting the national dental community.
  • The exact nature/spread of the campaign will be determined by the size of the final media budget and the number of participating labs.
  • Online ads will directly link to a landing page on the website. This webpage will be solely created for ad traffic.
  • Print ads will include a URL that links to the same landing page.
  • ONLY participating labs will be able to gain leads from this page.
  • Non-participating CHROME Lab Network partners will not be presented.

How do I become a participating CHROME lab?

  • Complete the form to the right to notify us of your want to participate.
  • We will reach out to all participating labs to coordinate resources

Become a Participating Lab

  • Please provide the information you wish to have used on the National Campaign landing page
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