Lysobee-Gail – Lab CHROME Upload

Gail Lysobee

Submitted on 01/04/2021 by Edward Dunbar

Shipping Address: 880 18Th St. N.E.
Shipping Address 2:
City: Naples
State: FL
Zip: 34210
Country: United States

Single or Double: Single Arch
CHROME Package: CHROME LITE: $1,601.50
CHROME Package:
Shipping: Shipping Charge – $27.00

A La Carte Items

STL Files:
RAPID Appliance:

Pins and Drills

1 Drill and 4 Pin Set:
Extra Long Drills:
Extra Short Drills:
Extra Long Pins:
Extra Short Pins:

Conversion Kits

Conversion Kits:

Case Information

Arch: Upper
Gender: Female
Smile Design:
Smile Design Notes

Guided Kit: NeoDent
Other Guided Kit:
Implant Brand: NeoDent
Other Implant Brand: GM
Preferred Implant Sites Upper: 4 7 8 9 10 13
Preferred Implant Sites Lower:

Shade: Not applicable
Shade Requirements

Clinical Case Notes

Total Payment: $1,628.50