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CHROME GuidedSMILE was developed for dentists who desire a preplanned, predictable guided All-On-X style surgery. This industry-leading, metal stackable system guides implants, bone reduction, prosthetics, and the simplified final conversion protocol. Learn more about CHROME GuidedSMILE and the elite network of dental laboratories that support it and you.

Benefits of CHROME GuidedSMILE

  • Smaller oral footprint lessening patient discomfort
  • Anchored bite verification
  • Anchored bone reduction
  • Anchored site drilling of implant site
  • Complete visualization and irrigation of implant site
  • Accurate anchored provisionalization
  • Easy method of transferring all surgical and restorative information for the final restorative conversion phase

Watch the Power of the CHROME Process

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CHROME GuidedSMILE the ultimate all-on-x metal surgical guide. The ebook will:

  • Highlight the significant benefits of a fully integrated metal surgical guided system vs other types on the market.
  • Detail the functionality of each of the 6 component parts of CHROME GuidedSMILE and how they worrk seemlessly together.
  • Explore the simplified and efficient extra-oral conversion process called C2F.
  • Review the FP1 version of CHROME GuidedSMILE – CHROME Natural.

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Metal Guides vs Plastic Guides

Why are metal guides better than plastic?

  • Can deliver FP3 to FP1 prosthetics with minimal bone reduction
  • Tooth supported offering verifiable seating accuracy and simplicity.
  • Floating Guide Technology means that the guides never touch bone.
  • Allows full access for irrigation no matter the irrigation approach taken.
  • Full visualization of the drills and implant site.
  • Rigid guide – it does not flex or break under any pressure.
  • Mechanical design ensures tight connections between the stackable elements.
  • Small Hole Technology means stronger prosthetics, less conversion, better esthetics, and better occlusion.
  • Uncomplicated approach to oral surgery.
  • Small oral footprint helps reduce flapping requirements, requires less surgery, and may reduce patient healing times.

10 reasons why metal guides are better than plastic guides

C2F Small Hole Technology

C2F is the CHROME philosophy of Small Hole Technology. This means delivering immediate prosthetics, during a CHROME surgery, with very small holes, rather than the typical industry-standard large holes. Small Hole Technology dramatically improves the performance of prosthetics and maintains the principal structure of the manufactured material.

  • Stronger and narrower prosthetics
  • More accurate planning possibilities
  • Preserved ideal occlusion
  • Extra-oral conversion
  • Less surgery time for patient
  • Master cast created at the surgery and used for final
  • Extra-oral equilibration for perfect bites on every case

Peer-Reviewed CHROME Articles

Full-Arch Implant Surgical and Restorative Considerations: Utilizing a Full Template Guidance Technique

Written by Drs. Scott D. Ganz and Isaac Tawil
Dentistry Today, September 2019

Continued Innovation for Full-Arch Immediate Loading: Small Access Hole Technology

Written by Drs. Scott D. Ganz and Isaac Tawil
Dentistry Today, May 2021

Why FP3 when you can go FP1? 

While all other systems on the market are happy to provide the standard FP3 prosthetic, CHROME GuidedSMILE has been innovating towards a more natural-looking, strong FP1 prosthetic.

CHROME GuidedSMILE Natural (our FP1 solution) requires less bone reduction and can shorten chair time during surgery. Beautifully created, easily loaded, and esthetically amazing – CHROME GuidedSMILE Natural.

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      Surgery Video Case Study

      Watch as we go through a complete CHROME GuidedSMILE Natural patient case study. The patient suffered from a bone defect that would have resulted in significant bone reduction in a traditional FP3 scenario.

      This video reviews:

      • Necessary patient records
      • Smile simulation
      • The live online planning meeting
      • Bone reduction approach
      • Complete surgical process
      • Final patient result

      CHROME GuidedSMILE Natural (FP1) Case: Maxilla Patient


      Dr. Michael Booth
      Dr. Matthew Calkins

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