US Patent #11,173,016

Relates to methods and stackable apparatuses for the installation and prefabrication of dental prosthetics

Field and Background of the Invention

Relates to methods and stackable apparatuses for the installation and prefabrication of dental prosthetics. Some dental patients require multi-tooth prosthetics attached to the jaw. Prosthetics have been developed for anchorage to implants, however existing methods and processes are complex and time consuming.


Stackable apparatus used to install multi-tooth dental prosthetics in one session by use of an anatomical guide attached to a Fixation Base that is attached to the bone to be used as a foundation for subsequent guides. Teeth and or bone is removed to make room for a prosthetic. A subsequent drill guide is used to make holes for osteotomies.

An abutment guide is used to place and orient abutments. Copings are installed and the prosthetic may be installed and cemented to the copings. The prosthetic is removed, smoothed, and the tools are removed. All elements of the apparatus are predesigned and prefabricated based on anatomical landmarks based on images captured of the patient.

CHROME Patent 11173016

Claim 1

Protected aspects of CHROME components including their purpose: Non-anatomical FB (Fixation Base); Mouthpiece (Pin Guide); drill guide (Osteotomy Guide); abutment guide (Carrier Guide)

Claim 2

Non-anatomical Fixation Base is secured to the ‘bone tissue’ by driving fasteners through openings in the Fixation Base to the max or man bone

Claim 3

Bone recontouring is completed using the preformed surface of the Fixation Base.

Claim 5

Abutment Guide (Carrier Guide) orients the abutments into appropriate position relative to the implants using pre-established indicators.

Claim 6

Fixation Base is further described to include the design of labial-only guide with no lingual (back) aspect.

Claim 8

Fixation Base comprises of a ‘First dental guide’, or ‘mouthpiece’, (Pin Guide) that is dimensioned to fit to teeth while attached to the Fixation Base and is removed after Fixation Base is affixed to the bone.

Claim 9

Fixation Base and mouthpiece are connected via attached elements (CHROME Locs) and are manually released to separate the Fixation Base from the mouthpiece (Pin Guide). Fixation Base includes a slots (CHROME Loc housings) for accepting ‘tabs’ (CHROME loops) located on the ‘dental guide’ (Pin Guide).

Claim 10

Fixation Base further comprises of a second dental guide (Osteotomy Guide) utilized for drilling holes for implants, which is attached with the same elements as the Pin Guide.

Claim 11

The drill guide (second guide / Osteotomy Guide) is made of metal or alloy designed with support bars attached to the Fixation Base and is designed with vertical bores for making holes and voids for irrigation and evacuation.

Claim 12

Fixation Base further comprises of ‘third dental guide’ (Carrier Guide) with bores to receive abutments in the same vertical registry as the implants and is attached to the Fixation Base via CHOME Locs.


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