CHROME Standard

CHROME GuidedSMILE was developed for dentists who desire a preplanned, predictable guided All-On-X style surgery. CHROME is an adjunct to, and not a replacement for, the doctor’s surgical, implant, restorative knowledge and skill set.

This amazing service delivers:

  • Anchored bite verification
  • Anchored bone reduction
  • Anchored site drilling
  • Accurate anchored provisionalization
  • Easy method of transferring all surgical and restorative information for the final restorative conversion phase

Most cases simply require a CT scan, casts or digital impressions, and 4 specific photographs.

CHROME Natural

CHROME Natural is a prosthetic option for patients who have gummy smiles and want to avoid excessive bone removal or augmentation to raise their smile line. This prosthetic is designed to meet the tissue without any visible pink and with minimal bone modification.

The CHROME Natural process follows the same steps as standard CHROME cases, including the use of a Pin Guide, Fixation Base, and Osteotomy Guide. However, a special scalloped guide is also used to visualize and shape the alveoli’s reduction in order to create sockets for the tissue and prosthetic.

We advise having an experienced technician present for help during the first case because this procedure demands meticulous expertise.
The prosthetic is implanted during surgery and converted using a replica RAPID appliance obtained after surgery in a few months.


Only skilled Zygo surgeons and general dentist teams have access to the cutting-edge CHROME ZYGO option. It contains every component of a GuidedSMILE procedure and offers restorative direction using Zygo kits.

With this approach, the surgeon inserts the implants using a skilled, free-hand technique while the CHROME guide uses a metal osteo guide to pinpoint the exit point on the pre-manufactured prosthesis.

Only the unique CHROME ZYGO system, an immediate load system, guides zygomatic implants with a fixed chrome cobalt guide and subsequent prosthetic.

With the help of skilled technicians and professionals, cases are prepared live online and can include Nobel, NeoDent, or Southern implants.

CHROME Replica

Patients who are now unable to afford the full CHROME therapy have the option of CHROME Replica.

The doctor can use this service to do the standard CHROME procedure, but instead of doing so, he or she will pick up the RAPID Appliance and keep it until the final conversion of the prosthetic.

When that moment comes, the doctor places the PVS on the RAPID Appliance, adjusts it to the proper position, and relines it before sending it with the opposing bite.

The lab will use this information to produce two Long-Term Provisional screw-down prosthesis that the patient can use while recuperating.

This enables the patient to accumulate funds for a permanent prosthesis.


Ivotion Guided Smileloc

Every year less than 1% of needy patients receive full-arch treatment, and treatment cost is the number 1 barrier. Ivotion Guided Smileloc offers doctors a same-day, long-term fixed hybrid solution that can be priced for patients at half the traditional cost.

The predominant reason why other industry attempts to solve this issue have been historically unsuccessful is due to the primary focus placed on providing a ‘cheaper’ solution. This is based on the idea that making the solution ‘cheaper’ will allow the practitioner to pass these savings to patients. Unfortunately, a cheaper solution very frequently results in a lesser quality product that routinely fails both the doctor and the patient.

The real answer is NOT cheaper, it is smarter.