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Full-Arch Guided Stability

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Digital, Full-Arch Guided Reconstruction

CHROME was developed for dentists who desire a preplanned, predictable guided All-On-X style surgery. This amazing service delivers anchored bite verification, anchored bone reduction, anchored site drilling, accurate anchored provisionalization, and a method of transferring all surgical and restorative information for the final restorative conversion phase. Most cases simply require a CT scan and traditional records. 
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Preplanned Bone Reduction / Osteotomy Guidance / Abutment Placement / Prosthetics
No binding and bending of plastic
CHROME Fixation Base create utilizing SLM technology
No more blind drilling
CHROME allows visualization of the drill as implants enter the bone
No more lengthy conversions
CHROME conversion takes just minutes to perform
Complete confidence
Digital workflow and guide expertise is delivered by us


Example of Our Immediate Full-Arch Solution

Support And Anchoring

Gum or teeth-supported guide
Preparation of anchoring sites for subsequent guide support


Pin-supported guide
Bone reduction guide
Guidance of the planned reduction profile


Pin-supported guide
Guided implant bed preparation
Guided implant insertion (compatible systems)
Rotational indexing 
(if required)


Pin-supported guide
Guided establishment of the occlusion
Facilitated coping pick-up
Minimized chair-side finishing

What Doctors Across the U.S. Are Saying

Dr. Christian Yaste

Dr. Christian Yaste
After years of frustration with the “All-on-X” procedure, I was about to give up on ever making this profitable for our office and a good choice for our patients. Now we finally have a predictable surgical and restorative protocol that makes perfect sense and is providing a win for our patients and for our practice. CHROME is the future of the fixed hybrid denture. I am excited to be part of the group of dental professionals bringing this to the market.”
Dr. Andrew Kelly

Dr. Andrew Kelly
Our lab has helped me to take my practice to a new level. Even though I’m a very skilled and experienced surgeon and restorative doctor, their technicians and their technology have helped me to provide better quality and service to my patients. Their service is unsurpassed by any lab that I have ever used, and I have over 30 years of experience. I have used several labs and I find them to be the most helpful in most useful dental lab that I have ever used.”
Dr. Tye Thompson

Dr. Tye Thompson
We have worked with many different labs in efforts to find a full-service lab to meet our office needs. We have been working with a CHROME Lab now for a few months and have been extremely pleased with their customer service. They have worked really hard to get issues resolved quickly and always strive to deliver the best product for our patients. We appreciate that in our lab!”
Dr. Bart Silverman

Dr. Bart Silverman
I have been doing guided surgical implant placement for full arch denture conversion with immediate load for many, many years. I like CHROME as it really simplifies the implant placement and conversion process for my restorative dentist and myself. It has truly reduced the total time our patient is in our office and increased patient satisfaction.”
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More than 20 labs work with CHROME, delivering 3,000+ arches per year. 
CHROME is an amazing product that allows doctors to deliver an anchored guide system, preplanned bone reduction, and a beautiful anchored prosthesis. CHROME delivers a high level of precision and efficiency.

Getting started with CHROME is simple. Dentate patients require just a CBCT, master casts, a bite, and some photographs.


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